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Here's what TheBassMastermind.com is all about...


Hey, thanks for stopping by! I'm Jaz Moss, UK session bassist and founder of The Bass Mastermind.


I've been fortunate to have travelled around the world doing what I love while performing with some incredible musicians.


But it wasn't always like this...



When I first picked up the bass guitar I really struggled...


YouTube was just becoming popular and it was free so... I thought this would be the best place to learn how to play bass.


I was wrong.


I was so overwhelmed by all the information out there!



After trying to learn bass on YouTube I thought to myself... 


 "Why don't I sign up for an online membership? It's only a small fee a month."


But that "small fee" added up over time...


And there were 3 things wrong with the membership sites:


1. Hard To Stay Motivated:  and it was hard to stay motivated. Even though there was a community I just felt like a number and there was no one to hold me accountable.



2. Overwhelming: There was no clear step by step path and way too much unorganised content. It kinda felt like a paid YouTube subscription. 😂 


3. No 1 to 1 Support: But the biggest problem was that I couldn't get that 1 to 1 support when I needed it. I used to have so many unanswered questions so I'd just go back to YouTube or books to look for answers.


This is why I created...

The Bass Mastermind!


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    Career Overview:

  • Musical Director for DeAndre Branckensick (International recording artist).

  • Musical Director for Adrian Crutchfield (Prince & Lionel Richie).

  • Performed with Lindsey Webster (Billboard "Artist of the Year").

  • Performed with James & Black (International recording artist).

  • Performed with Derek Nash (Jools Holland's saxophonist).

  • Performed with Kerry Ellis (West End Star).

  • Performed at Wembley Arena.

  • Performed at The Ritz.

  • Performed at Ronnie Scott's.

  • Performed at The Blues & Soul Festival.

  • Worked with David Gibbs (Rock of Ages Producer).

  • Opened up for Ronnie Wood (The Rolling Stones).​


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